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Participants' Comments

This is what participants say about Pro-Badge:

  • "Thanks for another lovely Pro-badge weekend. Sean has been telling us all about the knots he learned."

  • "I just want to thank you and your team for giving up your time & your dedication to give the children wonderful life long memories of their time with you. Rest now for what is left for the weekend!"

  • "Can I just say thank you for a lovely weekend and it was great to meet you all. Can you pass on my thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and I have to say you have a fabulous team of people who work very hard. Do you by any change have a jpeg or similar of your badge. I wanted to add it to Online Scout Manager so that anyone who has it can have it added to their records."

  • "Just a quick email to say how impressed both my wife and I were with Midge at the January Session at Lyons Copse.
    Our daughter was asked to come along as a helper/leader for the weekend and was terribly nervous about the whole thing. Right from the start, Midge took her aside, with us, and clearly explained things to Abigail, really putting both her and us at ease.
    We both came away completely confident that she was in safe hands! and she had a great time and is keen to do it again.
    I am involved in scouting too and we don't often get a pat on the back for what we do, so it's nice to be able to give some positive feedback. Midge is a real asset."


  • "It was very good and lots of fun. I made lots of new friends. My favourite bits were the pond dipping and singing round the camp fire was awesome. I liked stroking the baby fox and the baby squirrel. I can't wait until the outdoor challenge in October."
  • "At camp we did pond dipping, we had to break up all the mud looking for bugs and beetles, it was really yucky, but really FUN. We held our hands out in front of the camp fire to keep warm and sang songs. I got to stroke a baby fox and he felt like velvet, and I stroked a squirrel he looked very scruffy. We did some bark rubbing, and leaf collecting, so that we could learn about the different types of trees. We made a folder to keep all our work to take home. Camp was really good fun."
  • "It is good that you get to go outside and get into nature."
  • "I liked learning about different leaves and then finding them."
  • "All the leaders were really nice and made it good fun."
  • "I liked meeting cubs from new packs and making new friends."
  • "I like Pro-Badge because it is fun and you can meet new friends and see them every time you go to Pro-Badge. Sometimes your friends do not turn up and that means you can make new friends and it is good that you can go outside and it is a fun camp."
  • "Please can I take this opportunity to thank you and all the Leader team who work so hard to give the cubs such a wonderful experience at pro camp. My grandson Owen was still buzzing about it several days later. His first words when we came in to meet him were "Nanny you must book me in quickly for the next camps" - before he had even said hello to us!"
  • "it’s really fun”
  • "Learning how to cook popcorn in coke cans was great!”
  • "My favourite activity has been the night games with glow sticks”
  • "I like the forest”
  • "I liked the food we made”
  • "making new friends”
  • "I like running in the field and going to bed late”
  • "cooking sandwiches in the trench was amazing”
  • "We really enjoyed making new friends”
  • "I like the big hikes”
  • "I liked the soup we made”
  • "I like seeing my friends here and the campfires. The campfire was nice and toasty.”
  • "I liked watching the flames form the campfire.
  • I would have liked it to be a bit longer”
  • "I’m going to come back and do all the camps”


Campsite Service

On the Campsite Services course I have really enjoyed fixing up the Pro-Badge church, repainting the flag pole and having some free time.

On the course I learnt quite a lot of things such as destructing and rebuilding, cementing stuff and naming different types of trees. I also learnt how to drive a dumper.

The way to improve the camp is by spreading out all the jobs so it is more organised.


At first I thought that it was going to be really boring. I remember thinking: a tree is a tree, how exiting can it be? But I was wrong!

First Camp

First day

After a camp welcoming the rest of the scouts and I went back to the pine cabin to set up our tents (in the hut)! We then very hastily set up our beds and went to bed.

Second day

After a great breakfast as usual we went on a short walk around the site looking at different trees that are around. We found trees like Silver Birch, Ash, Beach and Oak. We then went back to the pine hut and compared notes on what we found. We then had a talk about traps and how they work. After lunch we then set and placed our traps in different places. Some people put them in the hedge row, others put them under leaves but Jack and I decided to put them by the fallen tree. We later found that it was a bad idea because we didn’t catch anything! We then had a talk about what animals there are and what habitats they live in. After dinner we then went and had my favourite part of the camp (other than going to bed); the camp fire!!!

After that all of the scouts went to bed. Some more reluctantly than others!

Third day

On the third day we packed up and played a great game called ‘Budge’. We had our usual presentations where Yeti gives out all the certificates to all the successful cubs and scouts.

Second camp

First day

On the first day we had another camp welcoming and went off to the pine cabin to set up camp (in the hut again). I could tell that I had grown because I had to sleep diagonally across the tent just to fit in there. Luckily I had a tent to myself!

Second day

On the second day we got up had breakfast and then walked round the site to see what had changed over the course of the break. We then went and compared our notes with the ones we had taken during the first camp. We then went out and put out some more traps in the same places. Once we had done that we all showed our presentations that we had to do. My presentation was on hedgehogs. My favourite presentation was Jack Brooks because of the amazing drawing of the fox and the hand written information. After lunch we were told to make a word search about nature. We then had to go over and do some colouring with the cubs who were doing their naturalist badge.

After dinner we did a series of challenges with the cubs again – these included dipping your head in to custard to try and get sweets which scissors and I had a fight as to who could get each others face into the custard the longest!

Third day

We packed up, played a game of ‘budge’ again and then had our presentations. Thankfully I had passed and was even nominated for the Osborne Owl Award which I was very surprised to hear this.

My thoughts:

It was a really successful camp and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt about different type of habitats and types of trees. I also made lots of new friends. This is the great thing about Pro-Badge – the new friendships you make.

Hampshire Scouts Registered Charity Number: 1015788

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