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About Pro-Badge

What is Pro-Badge?

Pro-Badge is an Activity Badge Training Scheme, which uses the resources of the Solent Scout Training Centre, to the best advantage of the Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Leaders. The scheme provides training for badges that require predominantly outdoor Scouting activity or natural resources.


The aims of the scheme are fourfold :-

  1. To help Cub Scout Pack, Scout Troop and Explorer Scout Unit Leaders with the training of their Cubs, Scouts, and Explorers so that both they and their Leaders may learn, and obtain training otherwise out of their reach.
  2. To provide a constantly high level of training that is otherwise unavailable to some Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Adult Volunteers.
  3. To use the local training centre to its fullest extent, especially during the Autumn and Winter.
  4. To provide a pool of specialist equipment needed for each badge; on the basis that individual Groups would not normally possess such equipment.

The Family of Scouting

Pro-Badge allows Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scouters from different Packs, Troops, Units and Groups to camp, learn, work and play together. The scheme is important to Adult Volunteers who, in particular, are either new or returning after a long absence to Scouting, or do not have the knowledge in the subject of badges, or just do not have the backup to provide the facilities for the badges that Pro-Badge offers. The scheme will allow young people training opportunities that they would not otherwise have available to them.

Dedicated Volunteers / Staff

The scheme uses Specialists, Leaders, Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts and friends from all areas of Scouting and beyond. Each course has a specialist with knowledge in the subject matter, and team of experts who assist each specialist, the number depends on the specialists needs and the badge requirements. Some experts are only required for a particular session whilst others are involved during the entire course.

Pro-Badge has a support group, including a cookhouse that does the cooking for the whole camp. We make adjustments to this where badge requirements need to be met, e.g. Chef Badge.

The scheme also appoints a Service Team, consisting of previous participants who want to help. The Service Team assists with all the duties that need to be performed so that each course runs smoothly.

In addition we have our own Webmaster, who provides and maintains this website.


Hampshire Scouts Registered Charity Number: 1015788

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